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This POS is perfect for taking orders. It combines: a 15.6″ Full HD touch screen, a 10.1″ Full HD customer screen and a fast integrated printer.
CHF 1'190,00 HT
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The checkout solution YumaPOS

Hosted on the Cloud, it guarantees you access to your information at all times. It includes the management of several establishments simultaneously, inventory management, internet sales (eCommerce site included), a dedicated mobile application*, a loyalty program, cards...
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59 VAT / month
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 35,40 TTC / mois
i.e CHF 424,80 TTC / an
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Encode your customer's items in the device

terminal payment

Request Payment

Your customer pays by card or contactless thanks to myPOS

terminal payment

Receive your money

Directly on your card, receive all the money

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  • Screen

    1 screen, 2 screens

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